Meal Replacement Weightloss

The easy way to lose weight and get healthier!

Fat is a Bully and It’s Stealing Your Lunch Money!


When I talk to people about meal replacement shakes and an easy way to lose weight, a huge number respond with concerns about the cost of the product. Although some shake  mixes are a bit expensive, they’re way cheaper than other alternatives for quick, on-the-go food. I don’t know the prices for all brands but an Herbalife shake costs about 2 dollars. If you take your lunch break from work and hit a drive thru or food cart (or even a vending machine) there’s almost no way you’re spending less than 2 bucks on lunch.

Replacing lunch with a nutrient rich shake is a great way to cut calories and fat from your diet and (depending on what you’ve been eating) could result in dropping up to 2 pounds a week without any other changes! It also improves your health with a variety of minerals and vitamins and cuts down on stress. Imagine not having to rush out to get lunch and be back in 30 minutes. You can bring a shake powder in your cup or bottle and just add milk or water and shake. Now you can drink you shake while you to a relaxing walk and get up out of your chair. Your back, brain, circulation and wallet will all thank you.


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